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GAP was established with the aim of finding loving permanent homes for these amazing dogs, transitioning them into family pets. The program also aims to educate the community on Greyhounds and why they make such excellent pets


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Greyhounds are loving, gentle and a unique breed and make exceptional family pets. We offer the option to adopt, or self-foster to adopt.

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Ready to discover your fantastic foster greyhound?

Fostering a greyhound is a super rewarding experience for both the dog and carer. Foster carers play a crucial role in a greyhound's transition from life in a kennel environment to their new life in a forever family home.

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Meet your Match

A crucial part of the adoption process, is ensuring the Greyhound and family are compatible. Through the assessment process and foster care program, we are able to identify which home a Greyhound would be best suited to. Getting this match right from the start is integral in ensuring both Dog and Family are perfect for each other.

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Our Story

The Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (GAP Tas) was established in 2009 with the vision of ethically finding forever homes for greyhounds upon retiring from racing, ensuring greyhounds live out their lives as a loved member of a family.

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Our Community

GAP Tas support greyhound owners in numerous ways, including promoting organised walks and catchups. Follow the GAP Tas socials to keep up-to-date with the latest.

Owners and Trainers

Greyhound owners and trainers, GAP Tas is updating where you enter your dogs into the program. Read on for more detail.

GAP Tas greyhound entry

To place your greyhound in the Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP), please complete the Application Form on the Tasracing Corporate website. This is available via this link or found in the greyhound menu item on the corporate website.

Entry waitlist status

The entry waitlist status page has been relocated to the Tasracing Corporate website. The list is available via this link or found in the greyhound menu item on the corporate website.