A true foster carer

For some people fostering a greyhound is a great way to test the proverbial waters of having a pet, but what about fostering over 70 greyhounds?

“It’s a way of having a dog without having the responsibility of all the decisions that comes with it.”

Toni from Sandy Bay has fostered her fair share of greyhounds, 74 to be exact. Toni loves being a foster carer and says that while it can be hard on occasion to give the dog back after a few weeks, she understands that’s part of the process.

“They’ve got to all go to homes and I know that if I keep one, I won’t be able to keep fostering.

“I think there’s been about five of the 74 that I’ve fallen in love with,” Toni laughed.

To become ready for permanent adoption, GAP greyhounds are fostered for a period of three weeks to help them adjust to their new life as a pet.

“I think three weeks is a good period because they don’t really get to know me too well and they don’t get too settled,” said Toni who added that when she originally started fostering greyhounds, she may have had them for up to five months.

Naturally to have been involved with as many dogs as Toni has there is a clear affection for the animal, but Toni says the training put into greyhounds from an early age makes their transition so much easier.

“They’re so easy because they’re already disciplined.

“Other dogs may have the personalities of their previous owners, but greyhounds have had a routine from puppyhood.”

Despite Toni readily admitting it can be harder to manage the 40kg and upwards greyhounds as she’s getting on in years, she can’t see herself giving up being a foster carer anytime soon.

“They’re just so sweet.

“They just do want you want really and are so laid back. Apart from a pat and a cuddle, they don’t ask too much from you.”