About the Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania (GAP Tas)

The Greyhound Adoption Program (GAP) is a national initiative preparing and promoting retired greyhounds as pets that Tasracing operates in Tasmania. Our goal is to prepare these loveable dogs to transition from elite athlete to couch potatoes and find a permanent home to suit them after retiring from their racing career, as well as educate the public on what gentle and affectionate pets these dogs really are.

Every dog adopted through our program is temperament assessed, desexed, up to date worm and flea treatment, c5 vaccinated, teeth polished, nails trimmed and microchip registered to their new owner. They may spend up to 3 weeks with our dedicated foster carers who help prepare them for pet life while gathering important information about them to help GAP-match them with the right forever home to suit them.

We believe this amazing breed deserves a wonderful retirement because they are one of the most adaptable and affectionate dogs you will ever meet.

All our dogs are listed on the website as available for adoption, foster adoption (you adopt and teach them pet life the way you want them to know) or looking for a foster home. If you would like a dog but can’t commit to owning one full time then why not try fostering.

You are welcome to participate in one of the many events we have during the year, these can be found on our events calendar, or importantly help us to spread the word to all your family and friends and tell them how kind and wonderful a greyhound is for a pet.