Race Name

Buckle Up Brent

Brent is a big bold personality. He can be very strong and forceful if he is allowed to, but also an affectionate and friendly boy with people. Brent went into foster care and learned some skills to manage his often very boisterous traits. He has been taught to sit and also to drop on command. Sitting and treats are the best ways to manage fitting his harness or lead and greetings, he is a smart boy and a quick learner but he will also learn just as fast if you aren’t going to try and keep him manageable.

Brent isn’t overly comfortable with other breeds of dogs and chooses not to engage, he has been doing very well with his training and is happy for dogs to be around him but would prefer not to share a home with them.

Brent is not suited to a home with young children as he can be far too boisterous for them, also not suited to a cat home.

Brent will need a home with the following for him to be his happiest.

Brent is a special boy who will require a special type of home.


Brent attended the Hobart show and loved all the attention, he also enjoyed showing off his tricks. Brent is very good with the sit and drop command and now learning stay and roll over. Brent would excel in a home with someone who loves obedience and trick training, Brent is very smart and learns fast.