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Oreo is a very specific girl in what she is looking for in her human. She is quite a reserved and cautious girl with new people and new surroundings. Oreo went through foster care where we gathered alot of information about her paired with our own knowledge of her likes at GAP. Oreo did go to a home but it sadly wasn’t the right fit so she is looking for another home more suited to her needs.

Oreo is a homebody, she loves being at home in her happy place where she is comfortable, she enjoys going for walks but does not like strangers approaching her, she will approach people in her own time if they just let her do that. She does love being at home in her own space.

Oreo is happy with other greyhounds of a calm relaxed nature, she doesn’t feel comfortable with dogs that get in her face or want to force their friendship with her, she wants to retreat from them.

Oreo is not a fan of children, they are too unpredictable and loud for her and generally dont understand her rule of her approaching you. For this reason Oreo wont be adoptable to a home with children.

Once Oreo gets to know you she will let her personality shine. The Gap staff find her a loving, happy and affectionate girl. She is comfortable and happy with her people she is familiar with. Oreo is at her happiest pottering around the garden.

The best home for Oreo is