Foster Care rewards scheme

Foster Carers play a vital role in the Greyhound Adoption Program Tasmania operation.

It is with our Foster Carers that we gather information to help us match our greyhounds to the most suitable homes. Our Foster Carers introduce the greyhounds to new experiences and teach them the basics to adapt to different household environments.

We believe our Foster Carers do a fantastic job and deserve to be recognised and rewarded, so we are introducing a GAPTas Foster Carer rewards scheme as follows:

GAPTas Bronze Foster Carer:           Foster one greyhound and receive a GAPTas Bronze Foster Carer cap

GAPTas Silver Foster Carer:             Foster ten greyhounds and receive an embroidered GAPTas Silver Foster Carer Polo Top

GAPTas Gold Foster Carer:               Foster twenty-five greyhounds and receive an embroidered GAPTas Gold Foster Carer Vest

GAPTas Platinum Foster Carer:        Foster fifty greyhounds and receive an embroidered GAPTas Platinum Foster Carer Soft Shell Jacket

In addition to this, all Foster Carers will receive a $200 Gift Voucher for every four greyhounds they foster.



For a greyhound to count towards the tally of the number of greyhounds cared for by a Foster Carer, that greyhound must have been with the Foster Carer for a period of at least three weeks.

Greyhounds in pre-fostering or boarding are not eligible to be counted towards the tally of the number of greyhounds fostered.

The Gift Voucher shall be provided for greyhounds fostered in the 2016/17 financial year onwards.

The records maintained by GAP shall be evidence of the attainment of a reward and no dispute shall be entered into.